Wearable iPhone 5 Arm Band Cases


We love wearable tech here, and we love fitness trackers too. Since we all carry phones anyway these days, and they’ve got just about all the tech you’d ever need to track your fitness, why not combine the two and make your iPhone a wearable fitness tracker!

Google Glasses Already Obsolete! Bring on iOptik Contact Lenses!


Every gadget lover from here to Hong Kong was titillated by the announcement of Google’s Project Glass or as most of us call it: Google Glasses. The idea of a pair of glasses that would give you augmented reality updates and bring the internet into the real world is a mind boggling concept. These glasses will either usher in a new era of wearable technology or signal the beginning of the end and just become another vehicle for advertisers to bombard us with advertisements. Love them or hate them, Google’s Glasses may already be obsolete! See why inside!

Pebble iPhone Watch: Making Wrist Watches Cool Again


Apple, Valve and Google aren’t the only ones dipping their little piggies in the wearable technology pond. Though wearable tech and smart clothing is still in its infancy, and most major investing companies are still leery of backing this particular horse, it doesn’t mean there’s not a demand! Thanks to crowd funding site Kickstarter, even the most crazy wearable tech dreams can come true if you can find something that connects directly with your customers. Raising over $4.5 million dollars in just days, the Pebble smart watch has proved that there’s some serious $$$ to be made for those adventurous and creative enough to make wearable technology a reality!

Valve Caught Dipping It’s Toes In Wearable Computing


We’ve previously covered Valve’s interest in wearable tech but more recent information has come to light with a job posting seeking a hardware engineer. The position would be responsible for researching and possibly developing new game controllers to enhance the existing gaming experience. Valve is quick to state that they are not looking to develop me-too mice and keyboards, but instead, want to focus on new and innovative gaming experiences.

Google Goggles Gets A Name: Project Glass


Google released a video on April 4th that quickly went viral, showcasing early prototypes of their rumored “Google Goggles”. The glasses, dubbed “Project Glass”, look nothing like the oft reported Oakley Thumps, but are instead a glass-less bar with nose supports, a tiny screen, a forward facing camera, and a small strip to house the electronics. Shown in either black or white, the Glasses are sleek, stylish, and straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie.

Smart Baby Onesie- Wearable Baby Monitor


Who says you shouldn’t exposure your infant to low level EM fields and radiation as soon as possible? Introducing the worlds first Smart Baby Onesie called Exmobaby! It may have been inevitable, but let’s face it- it’s pretty cool! You can wash it, recharge it, wirelessly transmit data with it… heck you might even be able to turn your baby into walking talking flash drive! Gone are the days of the “old-fashioned” wireless baby monitors that merely transmit audio of your baby as it sleeps, squirms, and squeals. Now you can measure it’s ECG, temperature, movement, and have it updated constantly to your mobile phone! Wonderful invention or ultimate hover-parenting tool for turning your baby into a Tamogatchi?

Erich Zainzinger Interviewed At SF Fashion And Tech


Erich Zainzinger is one of the front-runners and thought leaders in the wearable technology industry. Running a popular wearable tech blog talk2myshirt.com and also founding a fashion consultancy firm Elextiles, he is one of the top people to keep an eye on as wearable technology becomes more and more common. The folks over at SF Fashion And Tech managed to pin him down for a 2 part interview where they discuss everything from manufacturing wearable technology and smart clothing, challenges and opportunities in the field, working with clients in the wearable tech industry, to his thoughts on the DIY Maker community. It’s a must read interview for all you wearable tech fans out there! Check it out here.

Take A Deep Breath To Rela… Charge Your iOS Device?


Joao Paulo Lammoglia’s AIRE mask is a product concept which would enable a users breath to charge a connected iOS device through internal wind turbines. Why not take advantage of a byproduct of living and convert that power into usable electricity? The design, one of many such interesting ideas on the designers webpage, is nothing more than a computer model with accompanying text, but the idea is an interesting mix of high-tech materials and pragmatic design. It was the winner of a RedDot design award in 2011 for the “best of the best”. It is not known if there are plans to manufacture the device.

Smart Textiles and Wearable Technology Market has Potential, Still Some Challenges Left To Overcome


In the latest issue of Performance Apparel Markets from Textile Intelligence, a UK based business information company, they talked about the market for smart textiles and wearable tech and how it is set for rapid growth and has the potential to change the way people dress, communicate, manage health, and even entertain themselves. Additionally they could provide a much needed boost to the textile industries in developed lands (silicone valley may become cotton valley, or better yet graphine valley…). However, there are still some significant hurdles to overcome if this market is to take off. Read on to see the potential this market has, and the challenges still ahead.

New Google Job Postings Point Towards Augmented Reality Glasses


Google posted two new positions which list augmented-reality mapping as one of their responsibilities (here and here). New job postings are normally not news worthy, but this is amid whispers of Google ramping up to release augmented reality glasses by the years end. The job descriptions certainly give a bit more weight to the google glasses rumor.