[HOW TO] Change color of homescreen Apps (icons) names

If you’re like me, constantly jumping from theme to theme on your iPhone because you get bored easily, this one’s for you.

Here’s a very quick and simple method that allows you to change the custom ‘white’ app names under all of your your homescreen icons/folders (Phone, Mail, Messages, etc…) to pretty much any color you want!

Here’s an example:

Tested on iPhone 4, but it should work on all jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch’s.

All you need is Winterboard (obviously) and iFile, a really useful and must-have app. It’s a few bucks in Cydia (with trial), and is good for anyone who jailbreaks their device.

1 – Open iFile and navigate to /var/stash/Themes/No Undocked Icon Labels
2 – Open Info.plist
3 – Change ‘transparent’ to any color (red, green, yellow, pink…)

4 – Save and exit
5 – Open Winterboard and make sure No Undocked Icon Labels is checked
6 – Respring and you’re ready to go. All app names are now in the color you wanted!

You can also do it by SSH’ing via WinSCP/Cyberduck or DiskAid and modifying the same Info.plist.

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  • StixBurgh

    How do you do it? Am I missing the directions link somewhere?

  • http://twitter.com/ElMarindi Rayyes

    What do you mean? I posted the steps (1-6), what link do you need?