Access the entire iOS filesystem with iDOS without a jailbreak

Remember iDOS that was released earlier today? It was pulled 4~ hours later (according to @snazzyq). It turns out that, as this is an emulator, you can access whatever file on your filesystem whether or not you’re jailbroken. If you happen to have a copy of iDOS, you can run the below commands to access whatever file or directory you’d like. NOW, this isn’t of very much use, as you can’t copy or remove files/directories, but YOU CAN copy files from the filesystem over to iDOS’ Documents folder. In other words, you can read, but you can’t write.

Run the following commands in iDOS to mount the root directory as a virtual drive “D”, change directories to it, and then list everything in the root directory:

  1. mount d /
  2. D:
  3. dir

You’ve now listed everything from root without being jailbroken. You can use the “copy” command to copy files from wherever you’d like on over to the Documents directory (virtual drive C) of iDOS. Run help for info on how to use other commands. You can’t remove anything. You only get read access, not write access.

Thanks to @joshvg for testing this out on his unjailbroken iPhone 4!

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  • Link Tamake

    Good find!

  • It’s Me

    Major security flaw in iOS!

    Any fart app can read all your personal data on the device.

    This was supposed to have been fixes in 2.1

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  • Camillo Miller

    Can’t do that on my non-jailbroken iPad, the mount command simply doesn’t work in any sauce

  • that guy

    mount doesnt work… says illegal command

  • Anonymous

    Worked on my ipad. It’s not jailbreaked. Iget why they puld it ;)

  • Anonymous

    Don’t type the : when you mount

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  • My Autism Recovery

    “This was supposed to have been fixes in 2.1″

    It has. It says at the top that Apple does not disclose any security flaw before patching it in an update.

  • Tucker Latham

    So, some things will run just fine, but the other 99% of programs require write access to work properly. I fought this “write access” issue for a while before I figured it out. On a jailbroken iPhone, use OpenSSH (in my case, in conjunction with WinSCP) to right-click and open the “Properties” of the directory in which you have stored your program / game. Set write permissions for that directory, recursively. Apply the changes and you’re set.