Gunnar Eyewear Review: Sneak Peak And Initial Thoughts

Gunnar Optiks

Gunnar Eyewear partnered with legendary Carl Zeiss Vision to create a new line of revolutionary eyewear (glasses for us mere mortals) designed for the digital lifestyle. Their product line is segmented into three distinct offerings for indoor, outdoor, and 3D movie use. Gunnar claims that their advanced eyewear can reduce eyestrain, minimize dry, itchy eyes, enhance contrast, reduce glare, and even increase productivity. All these benefits are achieved through the use of super-advanced sounding optical technologies such as i-AMP, diAMIX, i-FI, fRACTYL, and iONik. Read on for more information and initial thoughts…


Indoor Eyewear

There are two main lines of indoor eyewear: the amber lens, and the crystalline lens. For all application except color sensitive work Gunnar recommends the amber lens. For you photographers, photo-shoppers, and movie editors there are the clear crystalline lenses that bring many of the benefits of the amber lens without the artificial warming of colors that the amber lens brings. The amber lenses claim to bring enhanced contrast and visual performance while minimizing screen glare all the while reducing the harshest part of the color spectrum. All this sounds like they are claiming longer gaming sessions and internet browsing which is something that I can get behind! I could see how wearing glasses would help with sore and tired eyes after a long day of surfing the web though it remains to be seen if they work in practice.


Outdoor Eyewear

Gunnar has you outside dwellers covered as well with their outdoor line of performance eyewear. This line is again segmented into two distinct lens colorings: gradient grey, and gradient gold. The gray is designed for bright digital viewing environments and outdoor applications while the gold are tuned for medium light outdoor applications like viewing in-dash nav systems, HUDs, and avionics. Who knew you needed special glasses to get to Frys?


3D Eyewear

Finally, Gunnar offers a unique line of 3D viewing glasses. Why use the cheesy movie theater provided 3D glasses when you can bring your own stylish and functional glasses yourself? Designed to maximize light transmission Gunnar claims that these glasses will provide a brighter, and thus better, movie viewing experience. For you 3D film enthusiasts out there these could be just the ticket to movie nirvana. With the rising popularity of in-home 3D technology these glasses could also come in handy down the road in your own living-room.

Bottom Line

While Gunnar is heavy on the marketing hype what they do offer is a whole range of stylish glasses with multiple lens coatings optimized for your preferred environment. A new pair of glasses may not make you a “1337 gamer” right out of the gate but even solving eye strain, or dry, itchy eyes, could be worth the price of admission. Gunnar can even fill prescription glasses. They generally range from $79-$99 with a few more expensive options in the mix depending on style and coating. If nothing else it’s worth a look at their numerous frame and lens choices as there is sure to be something in there that catches your fancy. Check them out!

GUNNAR - Digital Performance Eyewear

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