iPhone 5 Design inspired by iPod Nano 6th Gen! [Fake but Cool!]

This is the time of year, when everybody is giving a shot on how the next generation iPhone 5 might look like.  With the iPhone 5 expected to be announced in the upcoming months, there are many different kinds of iPhone 5 concepts appearing around the internet.  Most of these concepts were unbelievable but this specfic concept really caught our attention.  Click the “Read More” button to see the pictures!

This concept was designed by NAK Studios today, and it looks absolutely gorgeous! Just to let you know, this is a concept, which means that it is mostly likely not going to be real.  Only Jonathan Ive and his crew at Apple knows what the real design is going to  be like at this point.

The concept which comes from NAK Studios by Antoine Brieux.  His concept seems to be of the iPod Nano 6th Gen which is pretty cool.

The concept iPhone 5’s body consists of a single Magnesium-alloy based casing which holds the electronics that is itself sandwiched between two pieces of glass. The glass on the front packs a 4” 1100-by-730 pixel display which is of the same pixel density as the current Retina Displays oniPhone 4/iPod touch 4G.

An iPhone 5 with a 4” 1100×730 display is very unlikely, mind you. The way they doubled the display resolution from 3GS to 4 was a genius move that Apple won’t replicate from 4 to 5 for the simple reason that Apple just wouldn’t want to break apps that currently work at 960×640 and 480×320 resolutions on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G/S, respectively. – RedmondPie

All of the recent rumor based posts were rounded up into this rounded up infographic that we covered a few days back.

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